Monday, February 25, 2013

Elder Armatage has been in Scottsdale 3 weeks now. Since it is a new area, they have not done any teaching yet, but he said there is a family they should be teaching this week sometime and he is very "stoked" for that! The are working with 2 wards which are small and they visit with the members almost every day. They helped with an Eagle Project on Saturday and worked hard. He did send some pictures this time, some of their apt which I asked about. Since it is a new place, they only have "2 desks and 2 beds, a love sac and a table to eat at".  This Friday our son turns 20! We love him so much and hope that his birthday is a great day for him!!
His work area
His bed
Pictures that his niece and nephew sent him
Kind of a cool looking stormy day
Eating lunch at Sister White's after Eagle Project

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our first email from Elder Armatage from Arizona! He is in Scottsdale and said his first week was slow because of "white washing a new area". I don't know what that means and he doesn't elaborate. The people are "so nice and way rich", so many nice cars "rolling around". His companion is a "really good missionary" and from the south and "way red neck" and really "sweet".  He says it is cold in his apt and wants a blanket sent to him. He really loves it there. He ended with "you know me, not much of a writer". It was short, but it was so great to hear from him and cannot wait until next Monday for his next email!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

He is in Arizona and being fed!
We got an email from Sister White who said that Elder Armatage and his companion Elder Bostic from Louisiana ate dinner at her home last evening. She said that they seem to get along and that Elder Armatage is awesome! So great to hear he made it there and is ready to do the work!
Here is the picture that she sent. Sidways, but if you turn it they look squished. They look great!
Arizona here I come.............
Elder Armatage left for Scottsdale Arizona February 5, 2013 at 11:30 am. It was supposed to be at 8:30 am, but due to losing his wallet on the shuttle bus on the way from the MTC, it was changed. After much confusion, the flight was changed the wallet was returned and he was on his way.
It was so good to talk to him for a few minutes. He is so excited to be leaving the MTC and taking the next adventure of being a missionary.
He sounded happy (except for the wallet thing) and we are just so proud of him.
He told a story that a teacher from BYU said about when he was changing his little 6 month old daughter, she grabbed his finger and jabbered and jabbered. His wife walked in and the daughter stopped. He felt like his daughter was trying to tell him something since she is still so close to the veil. It made Kyle think of his nephew who is not talking yet.
Anyway, we know our missionary is going to do a great job, and we can't wait to hear from him again...........