Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This weeks email:
"Thanks for the quote. Conference was great I loved it. I loved Elder Nelson talk on Sunday morning it was great. As for that guy we got a hold of him! And taught him and he still wants to get baptised! So we are working with him and we got a referral about a lady that has read the Book of Mormon, Jesus is the Christ and watched all of conference and went to the Easter pageant so we need to get over there and teach her quick! I'm supper stoked about it. The little girl's baptism is set for the 27th of this month."

And then on Sunday night, the most exciting thing ever:
A Sister Peterson stopped at our door. She lives in Elder Armatage's mission area and has fed him a few times, in fact he was there on Easter! She and her family were driving up to Utah to pick up a daughter and when Kyle heard about it, he asked if she would drop by a belated gift for his Mom. It is so sweet of him to think of that and so wonderful of Sister Peterson to take the time to come by and see us! It made my day!! Below is a picture of the gift - it is a case that they have made for a paperback Book of Mormon to hand out to people. Sister Peterson said the missionaries carry them around. And she said that Elder Armatage is so awesome and is working so hard. It was amazing to hear about our son from someone who has been with him. Tears........happy ones! : )

                                                    View from the top
                                                     View from the bottom 
                                                    View from the opposite side of where
                                                    you slide the Book of Mormon in

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This week's email from Elder Armatage:
We did watch all of conference it was great. The work is still going we are only teaching the little girl now. We dropped the other we couldn't make contact again so that's sad but we are still going. We will be going to the temple on Wednesday to the 7:30 session. That's exciting. Not much happened this week, we are still working with less actives in the wards and trying to get them back to church. I love working with members and helping them out in any way that we can. The new scriptures you sent work great thanks! I love being a missionary it's hard sometimes.

Here are some pictures he calls mission life -

                                          So funny!
                                          At the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant
A sister that fed Elder Armatage today sent this to us! She said he is awesome and serving like a champ!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Elder Armatage is still in Scottsdale. He reached his first transfer which he ended up staying in the same apartment, same companion but they were assigned to 2 different wards. They started teaching a 9 year old who wants to be baptized and then another guy who called them for lessons. He said he is learning a lot and loves being a missionary. Here is a few things he has written in different emails: "The Lord knows who we are and will hear our prayers, I know that's true." "It's just hard to stay positive but the Lord will help us when he sees fit. It's hard to comprehend how much the Lord is in our lives and we don't even realize it." "We went to the Mesa Temple for the Easter pageant. It was sweet. We took two non members and it was fun. The work is still going." It is fun to see how he is growing. And he is taking on the culture - bought a "sweet' pair of cowboy boots! He also has mentioned that he loves getting letters!
Last P Day they hiked Camelback Mountain and took some fun pictures. But none of himself! Maybe next time.
2 Sundays ago he gave his first talk in the new Ward, he doesn't say how it went, but we are sure it was great! We are so proud of him and don't forget he really likes getting letters........
                                          All pictures  from Camelback Mountain

                                           Elder Bostic (too close to the edge I say)