Thursday, July 18, 2013

Elder Armatage is in the new Arizona Scottsdale Mission. President and Sister Sweeney are the new Mission President. This is the Mericopa Zone

 Here are some parts of different emails and letters:
"We made pancakes for the ward on the 4th. It was pretty fun! That's a really neat talk, what is it called? It's fun to be a missionary but o man is it hard!!! But I love it! We are still working with our investigators but they're not really that's a struggle but it is what it you so much. Let me know what is going on at home and stuff with the family. Miss you all and stuff. Love you all." July 7th, 2013
"It is true it is a good thing we have trials, if not life would be too easy. And it makes us rejoice when we et over those trials. It's a great feeling! The other night it was 100 degrees at 9 pm, it doesn't cool down ever!! I've come to love cold showers. Yeah, members feed us all the time. Our new Mission President is really neat! He is a great guy! Smart, really smart!" July 8, 2013
 "Would love some rain right now, it is only like 110 today so it's not too bad. ha ha Yeah I'm on bike still, I'm still in Mesa. I'm having fun tho. I love church, it's fun. We go to all the classes we would like to! It's fun being a missionary but stressful. love you grandma" July 15, 2013 to his Grandma

We are so proud of our son! And love him so much!

Monday, July 1, 2013

It is HOT!

HOT, HOT what we hear from Elder Armatage!

"Ha ha 101! That's nothing, it was 118 on the 29th!  It was so hot that while I was griping my handle bars my finger nails burned like the feeling of the camp fire on you legs when you are too close.That's what it felt like on my fingernails! We are out and about on bike every day. That's good to hear about Logan (he stayed in nursery and didn't cry!)  I miss those little farts. Well life is good and sweaty ha ha love and miss you!"
"The work is still going we are teaching but nothing is really coming from it but we are trying as best as we can. It's hard to see people reject this truth and not want to change but its their choice. A mission is a ton harder than I thought ha ha but I wouldn't change anything about it."
"We were out riding around and  stopped to talk to some ladies that were sitting on their porch and their friend showed up who is a dog trainer and this is what we did- "
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