Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas from Snowflake, Arizona

One P Day Elder Armatage sent us a very, very short email and that night a member that was feeding the missionaries sent this picture to us to make up for it! So sweet!
Above is at a home where Elder Armatage ate at and the dear people sent this picture.

And then our Christmas gift - the wonderful time being able to Skype with our missionary. It was so great. He enjoying serving in Snowflake. They were able to help put up Christmas lights along the road leading up to the Snowflake Temple. They were able to attend the Snowflake Temple together with 2 other Zones making it the largest group of missionaries ever to attend at once. They filled the room and the spirit was so strongly felt by all.
Elder Armatage is learning some great leadership skills and dealing with situations he would rather not have to do. It is so fun to see him so excited about the gospel and his ideas of reaching out to so many of the less actives there in Snowflake. They haven't been able to teach many lessons lately but hope to.  We enjoyed opening his special gift for us and he kept a few of his stocking gifts to open in front of us so we could share that together.
He had us make a challenge for when we get to talk at Mother's day. We will all read the Book of Mormon and going to highlight things about faith and pride as we do.
And then he asked if we could close with a prayer at the end of our time with him. Kevin gave the prayer and by the end of it we were in tears which were hard to stop.
Love him so much and so proud of all he is doing.  A wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Elder Armatage has been transferred to Snowflake! It is in the north part of his mission and the coldest. It can even snow there! Here is part of his email this week:

"Well I'm in Snowflake now and it's cold here. It's the same style of town of like Logan or Preston or Heber and even Montpelier. I feel like I'm in Idaho. There's only like 5000 persons up here and everyone knows everyone. But it will be fun I hope. It seems like there's a lot of work to do up here so I'm stoked about that. Thanksgiving I don't even know what going to happen but I know that we will get food! We are like in a house now with two other elder so it's kinda tight living, but all will be well. The house is nasty the elders have not cleaned it at all, and I will not stand for that so I'm going to clean a lot today and this week I'm starting to get sick.
     That's neat that Krista and David got a new family that moved in.  My new companion is a visa waiter, he is going to Brazil,  and he is from Calif,  18 years old.
      Yeah those two elders are not together anymore. The area got pinkwashed (whitewash is two new elder and pinkwashed is two new sisters) "

So Kevin predicted that Elder Kyle would be transferred to Snowflake in the winter. The highs this week are in the 50s and the lows at night are 30s. Sounds like our weather and it feels cold to him. It will be fun to hear how he grows to love the people there in this new town.
Snowflake Temple

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Excerpts from Elder Armatages email since my last blog:

Oct 28, 2013
"We had a Halloween block party we did a rope-in both, it was really fun! No we don't have anyone to teach....its been a rough few weeks but we will press on.  I'm ready for a change though, I've been here for 5.5 months and I'm kinda burnt out of this area but it is in the Lord's time though."

 Pictures from the block party - our son the cowboy!

Enjoying it I would say!

Nov 4, 2013
"Things are good but I'm just soooo busy all the time I have no time for anything. Any spare moment I have I'm studying or reading something. I need to take a break for 2 days and just get my self together!!!!!!!!! But we had a good week taught some lessons and stuff and it was great. The work is picking up it's so great. Being a DL isn't bad but we have 2 elders that fight like 12 year olds so that's a struggle but we are working thru it though. But yeah we had a sweet Halloween loved it got candy. The mission is the greatest thing I've ever done and I love it!"
Nov 11, 2013
"Thanks for the e mail and letters! How are things going? Things are good here we have a tree-O haha - 3 missionaries together because one missionary got ET so we have 3 until the 25th. This will be interesting but it will be good! Thanks for the pictures, how are the kids? Yeah things are calming down so I should be able to write you a few letters. But life is good a lot. A lot of blessings are happening, I love it. That's sweet you went to the temple I love the temple!"
Now we are all caught up! It is so wonderful to see how happy our son is sharing the gospel! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, October 21, 2013


Elder Armatage is in the same Ward, but moved to a different members home.

"The new house is great, having tons of fun out here. Yeah, me and my companion are getting along well but you can tell he's 18. He doesnt really know how to cook, clean or shop. But he will learn real quick. Yeah I'm a DL now its going to be fun I hope? We had a great Sunday! I love Sunday. Ok, ok the roosters. Well some members had too many and wanted us to take care of them so we did. Ha ha it was fun. Sorry I don't have much time, I need to write you a letter"

Here is the picture he send:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Too Busy

This is what we got from Elder Armatage the past 2 weeks, but at least we know he is alive and doing great. We love him so much but sure wish he would let us know a little bit more about some of the things he had in his email as follows:
"I'm sorry I've been so busy this last few weeks! Moving homes and meeting with people from the ward, moving members of the ward and killing roosters and things like that....yeah I got that box and read Grandpa's stuff. It's sweet stuff in there, thanks. How is the ward doing and Dad and Krista and David and you and Grandma, how's the family? The mission is sweet just busy, sorry. I was called as District Leader so it is gonna be fun! ha ha  Life is good, just slammed right now. It' hard to not get stressed, but I will be fine! Love you and miss you all. 
Love Elder Armatage"

I would really like to know what the "killing roosters and things like that" is all about! We are so excited that he is a District Leader, we know he will be awesome.
So until we hear any more news.................
At Zone Conference with the new missionary he was training.

Friday, September 20, 2013

September 2013

Well, September is quickly passing, here are parts of Elder Armatage's emails:

September 4th: For Labor Day we when to 4 BBQ. It was sweet! Had some great food! Well I am a trainer now. He's from Rexburg Idaho, 18 years old straight out of high school. We are gonna have fun this transfer.
Here is Elder Armatage at his Train the Trainer class.

September 8th:
The mission is great. We are going to have a baptism this next weekend - 3 people maybe we hope. It's been really nice this week, it has rained 3 times, that's been nice. Yeah Matt Martin was a teacher to some of the missionaries that are in my zone! Small world. Being a missionary is fun. I love to see the change in people lives. This is not what I was thinking a mission was going to be like, but I love it! I love serving the Lord and I love Him.

Monday, August 19, 2013


From Email:

"How are you doing? Sounds like Grandma is doing well and she is healthy that is great to hear! I wish I could have gone out to see her before I left but that's OK I will have to go see her when I get home! How's the ward doing? My bike is dark blue it is a Haro bike. Can you pick up a bag of fruit Frooties also the watermelon kind. The mission is great, tons of fun, love what I'm doing and love this gospel. I love to help people change and be able to watch them change is so great! Thanks for all you do and have done for me.  Love you all and miss you also, love Elder Armatage"

From Letters:

"We are only over one ward now and it is only like 2 miles long and .7 wide. Sorry it's taken me so long to write back, but it has been super nuts around here. I do like my new Mission President. He is great! TeeJay is home? That is nuts - tell him to write me! (hear that TeeJay?)  Dad could not live down here, have to be able to sweat or you cannot cool down."
"I am good, life is good. This last few weeks have been hard. I have been really home-sick, but today and Sunday have been really good. I felt fine again. They say at about 6 months you feel very homesick and then it just goes away. The Lord will bless me with strength. It has been raining, that is great."
"Sharing the gospel is a great gift to give people, it is such a blessing. You know you see the gospel in your life and what a great blessing it is, why not share it? We are teaching a lot now and they are all progressing, it is really neat to see the changes in people's lives. I wish we could do more service here."
Great baptism, she has no family support but feels the spirit strong.
 Elder Armatage said "Dewey is the man" He waited a year to be baptized! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Elder Armatage is in the new Arizona Scottsdale Mission. President and Sister Sweeney are the new Mission President. This is the Mericopa Zone

 Here are some parts of different emails and letters:
"We made pancakes for the ward on the 4th. It was pretty fun! That's a really neat talk, what is it called? It's fun to be a missionary but o man is it hard!!! But I love it! We are still working with our investigators but they're not really that's a struggle but it is what it you so much. Let me know what is going on at home and stuff with the family. Miss you all and stuff. Love you all." July 7th, 2013
"It is true it is a good thing we have trials, if not life would be too easy. And it makes us rejoice when we et over those trials. It's a great feeling! The other night it was 100 degrees at 9 pm, it doesn't cool down ever!! I've come to love cold showers. Yeah, members feed us all the time. Our new Mission President is really neat! He is a great guy! Smart, really smart!" July 8, 2013
 "Would love some rain right now, it is only like 110 today so it's not too bad. ha ha Yeah I'm on bike still, I'm still in Mesa. I'm having fun tho. I love church, it's fun. We go to all the classes we would like to! It's fun being a missionary but stressful. love you grandma" July 15, 2013 to his Grandma

We are so proud of our son! And love him so much!

Monday, July 1, 2013

It is HOT!

HOT, HOT what we hear from Elder Armatage!

"Ha ha 101! That's nothing, it was 118 on the 29th!  It was so hot that while I was griping my handle bars my finger nails burned like the feeling of the camp fire on you legs when you are too close.That's what it felt like on my fingernails! We are out and about on bike every day. That's good to hear about Logan (he stayed in nursery and didn't cry!)  I miss those little farts. Well life is good and sweaty ha ha love and miss you!"
"The work is still going we are teaching but nothing is really coming from it but we are trying as best as we can. It's hard to see people reject this truth and not want to change but its their choice. A mission is a ton harder than I thought ha ha but I wouldn't change anything about it."
"We were out riding around and  stopped to talk to some ladies that were sitting on their porch and their friend showed up who is a dog trainer and this is what we did- "
-Inline image 1Inline image 2Inline image 3

Monday, June 10, 2013

We got to learn a "little" bit about where Elder Armatage is now -

"I'm in West Mesa super ghetto like on the west side of the train trax in down town. ha ha But it's OK I am missionary so the Lord will protect me. We live with a member and they are so nice! I'm on bike in a 105/110!! It's soooo hot! But I'm loving it. We are teaching a ton of people and it will be cool to see how the gospel will change peoples lives, so I am super stoked about that! We got a ton of bread and we give it out to those in need."

                                           That is a lot of bread!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Transfers took Elder Armatage back to Mesa, but we have not heard where or anything yet. Hopefully this week.........

" I'm getting transferred to Mesa and  I'm on bike just in time for the summer! ha ha I got up on Sunday and bore my testimony in Desert Hills Ward which is the ward I've been in the longest - for 4.5 months. It was sad, I cried.  There were 13 people that got up and spoke and 5 or 6 of them talked about me, so I guess I know what the members thought of me and now I'm leaving to Mesa. And it is one of the hardest things I've had to do. I wanted to go to father and sons but I couldn't make it. Tell Dad sorry for me."
His letter said it was 107 that day - it is HOT!
Hopefully we will get more details on Monday.....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sorry so slow to update the blog..........

It has been a little while to update Elder Armatage's profile. But not because he has not been busy. Besides finding snakes and wanting to see a Gila monster, he has a new companion from Kansas, Elder Hawes. They are working very hard together. We had a great talk with him on Skype on Mother's Day. He talked about the people he has met in the 2 Wards they are working with and what he does each day. He is excited to be there and serving the Lord. Here is his email this week:

"We had a great week! We are killing this area and we are finding soooo much work out here! I love it! I'm having soooo much fun. We have two more baptisms coming up and we are stoked for both in June. We played ball on p day for like 2.5 hours. It was fun and I'm sore today. ha ha Yeah we had our baptism on Saturday. I talked on baptism and confirmed her on Sunday. It was a pretty cool thing. I'm addicted. ha ha I want to baptize everyone I meet! How was Idaho? How was the zoo? I miss those little kids! ha ha Thanks for sending me D&C. I love reading it,  sec 110 I read every time I go to the temple. I love that section.  That baptism was great. The girls is 9, her mother has a super rich boyfriend and he's not a member(yet) but he took us all to lunch after. 8 of us to the cheese cake factory!!! It was really good. Then we had a lesson with the boyfriend and he would be a great member someday but i don't know if its today. ha ha But we will keep trying."

It is so fun to see how much he is growing and enjoying his mission (except for the heat - that is the first thing he said to us on Skype!)

He mentioned again how much he loves getting letters..........
                                                      At a Zone Conference
One of the snakes

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This weeks email:
"Thanks for the quote. Conference was great I loved it. I loved Elder Nelson talk on Sunday morning it was great. As for that guy we got a hold of him! And taught him and he still wants to get baptised! So we are working with him and we got a referral about a lady that has read the Book of Mormon, Jesus is the Christ and watched all of conference and went to the Easter pageant so we need to get over there and teach her quick! I'm supper stoked about it. The little girl's baptism is set for the 27th of this month."

And then on Sunday night, the most exciting thing ever:
A Sister Peterson stopped at our door. She lives in Elder Armatage's mission area and has fed him a few times, in fact he was there on Easter! She and her family were driving up to Utah to pick up a daughter and when Kyle heard about it, he asked if she would drop by a belated gift for his Mom. It is so sweet of him to think of that and so wonderful of Sister Peterson to take the time to come by and see us! It made my day!! Below is a picture of the gift - it is a case that they have made for a paperback Book of Mormon to hand out to people. Sister Peterson said the missionaries carry them around. And she said that Elder Armatage is so awesome and is working so hard. It was amazing to hear about our son from someone who has been with him. Tears........happy ones! : )

                                                    View from the top
                                                     View from the bottom 
                                                    View from the opposite side of where
                                                    you slide the Book of Mormon in

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This week's email from Elder Armatage:
We did watch all of conference it was great. The work is still going we are only teaching the little girl now. We dropped the other we couldn't make contact again so that's sad but we are still going. We will be going to the temple on Wednesday to the 7:30 session. That's exciting. Not much happened this week, we are still working with less actives in the wards and trying to get them back to church. I love working with members and helping them out in any way that we can. The new scriptures you sent work great thanks! I love being a missionary it's hard sometimes.

Here are some pictures he calls mission life -

                                          So funny!
                                          At the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant
A sister that fed Elder Armatage today sent this to us! She said he is awesome and serving like a champ!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Elder Armatage is still in Scottsdale. He reached his first transfer which he ended up staying in the same apartment, same companion but they were assigned to 2 different wards. They started teaching a 9 year old who wants to be baptized and then another guy who called them for lessons. He said he is learning a lot and loves being a missionary. Here is a few things he has written in different emails: "The Lord knows who we are and will hear our prayers, I know that's true." "It's just hard to stay positive but the Lord will help us when he sees fit. It's hard to comprehend how much the Lord is in our lives and we don't even realize it." "We went to the Mesa Temple for the Easter pageant. It was sweet. We took two non members and it was fun. The work is still going." It is fun to see how he is growing. And he is taking on the culture - bought a "sweet' pair of cowboy boots! He also has mentioned that he loves getting letters!
Last P Day they hiked Camelback Mountain and took some fun pictures. But none of himself! Maybe next time.
2 Sundays ago he gave his first talk in the new Ward, he doesn't say how it went, but we are sure it was great! We are so proud of him and don't forget he really likes getting letters........
                                          All pictures  from Camelback Mountain

                                           Elder Bostic (too close to the edge I say)

Monday, March 18, 2013

So yes prayers are being answered.........Elder Armatage and his companion have a referral for Tuesday and are also teaching a 9 year old girl who wants to be baptized and her family! This is their first lessons and Elder Armatage is "stoked"! We have been praying for members hearts to be open to find families for the missionaries to teach. And they have been studying a lot and praying a lot!
Last Tuesday was his first transfer - they stayed in the same apartment though, were just changed to 2 new wards and Elder Bostic is still his companion.
They also spent Saturday moving a lady with a LOT of stuff to a new house all day but he said it was fun. Next week Elder Armatage will be giving a talk in his new ward. I wish I could hear it. He has been out 3 months now!!  He said last week "it's just hard to stay positive but the Lord will help us when He sees it fit.  It's hard to comprehend how much the Lord is in our lives and we don't even realize it!!  ha ha yeah mom i still haven't changed I am still way goofy"
We are so proud of all you are doing Elder Armatage!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Email and a letter in one day - I am so happy!!
Elder Armatage said their days are full of studying and praying and studying more. They are praying to find someone to teach. They don't go out in the day because no one is home. But he feels like he is getting the "hang" of his mission and how to teach by the Holy Ghost. And he did say he is writing in his journal which is great!
He enjoyed his birthday, went to a Ward Game night and they sang Happy Birthday to him. He bought a bike from Elder Hills so now has that to get around but they must also have a car, too.
I had asked him about the snow that we heard about they had one day in Mesa and this is what he said: "they call it snow but it wasn't snow it was hail that stuck not snow". Funny! But this week it has been 65-70's so it is very nice. Sounds great!
He knows the Lord answers prayers. We are all praying that they will find a family to teach. They rely a lot on the members to give them names.
He loves getting letters, so would love to hear from you. The church is true!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Elder Armatage's 20th Birthday! A sister in the ward wrote and said they had a Ward party tonight and the Elders were there. They sang Happy Birthday to Elder Armatage who was very embarrassed, but I am glad they did that for him since we couldn't. She also said that he refused to eat the cake because he is worried about getting fat! And here is the picture she sent - typical Kyle expression:

Monday, February 25, 2013

Elder Armatage has been in Scottsdale 3 weeks now. Since it is a new area, they have not done any teaching yet, but he said there is a family they should be teaching this week sometime and he is very "stoked" for that! The are working with 2 wards which are small and they visit with the members almost every day. They helped with an Eagle Project on Saturday and worked hard. He did send some pictures this time, some of their apt which I asked about. Since it is a new place, they only have "2 desks and 2 beds, a love sac and a table to eat at".  This Friday our son turns 20! We love him so much and hope that his birthday is a great day for him!!
His work area
His bed
Pictures that his niece and nephew sent him
Kind of a cool looking stormy day
Eating lunch at Sister White's after Eagle Project

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our first email from Elder Armatage from Arizona! He is in Scottsdale and said his first week was slow because of "white washing a new area". I don't know what that means and he doesn't elaborate. The people are "so nice and way rich", so many nice cars "rolling around". His companion is a "really good missionary" and from the south and "way red neck" and really "sweet".  He says it is cold in his apt and wants a blanket sent to him. He really loves it there. He ended with "you know me, not much of a writer". It was short, but it was so great to hear from him and cannot wait until next Monday for his next email!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

He is in Arizona and being fed!
We got an email from Sister White who said that Elder Armatage and his companion Elder Bostic from Louisiana ate dinner at her home last evening. She said that they seem to get along and that Elder Armatage is awesome! So great to hear he made it there and is ready to do the work!
Here is the picture that she sent. Sidways, but if you turn it they look squished. They look great!
Arizona here I come.............
Elder Armatage left for Scottsdale Arizona February 5, 2013 at 11:30 am. It was supposed to be at 8:30 am, but due to losing his wallet on the shuttle bus on the way from the MTC, it was changed. After much confusion, the flight was changed the wallet was returned and he was on his way.
It was so good to talk to him for a few minutes. He is so excited to be leaving the MTC and taking the next adventure of being a missionary.
He sounded happy (except for the wallet thing) and we are just so proud of him.
He told a story that a teacher from BYU said about when he was changing his little 6 month old daughter, she grabbed his finger and jabbered and jabbered. His wife walked in and the daughter stopped. He felt like his daughter was trying to tell him something since she is still so close to the veil. It made Kyle think of his nephew who is not talking yet.
Anyway, we know our missionary is going to do a great job, and we can't wait to hear from him again...........

Thursday, January 31, 2013

MTC Pictures (finally!)
Elder Kyle Shepherd & Elder Armatage
Elder Ault 1st Companion from Riverton (they grow them tall)
Elder Neal (CA), Elder Ure (AZ) and Elder Armatage
Labeled as "we don't like him" from Elder Armatage
Elder Scott Tripp
Elder Hamblin (winner of slap contest)
Sister Conder (went to Dixie, too)