Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas from Snowflake, Arizona

One P Day Elder Armatage sent us a very, very short email and that night a member that was feeding the missionaries sent this picture to us to make up for it! So sweet!
Above is at a home where Elder Armatage ate at and the dear people sent this picture.

And then our Christmas gift - the wonderful time being able to Skype with our missionary. It was so great. He enjoying serving in Snowflake. They were able to help put up Christmas lights along the road leading up to the Snowflake Temple. They were able to attend the Snowflake Temple together with 2 other Zones making it the largest group of missionaries ever to attend at once. They filled the room and the spirit was so strongly felt by all.
Elder Armatage is learning some great leadership skills and dealing with situations he would rather not have to do. It is so fun to see him so excited about the gospel and his ideas of reaching out to so many of the less actives there in Snowflake. They haven't been able to teach many lessons lately but hope to.  We enjoyed opening his special gift for us and he kept a few of his stocking gifts to open in front of us so we could share that together.
He had us make a challenge for when we get to talk at Mother's day. We will all read the Book of Mormon and going to highlight things about faith and pride as we do.
And then he asked if we could close with a prayer at the end of our time with him. Kevin gave the prayer and by the end of it we were in tears which were hard to stop.
Love him so much and so proud of all he is doing.  A wonderful Christmas!

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