Monday, March 10, 2014

Elder Armatage had a great week - here is from his email today which he actually wrote more than a sentence or two. Thank you son!

"This week was sweet, we taught a ton of less active families this week and most of them came to church on Sunday! It was sweet I love seeing less active members come back to church almost or just as much as when investigators come to church! We have a lesson tonight with an investigator. He is gay and we are going to get him to baptism soon I pray! He is really smart and knows it's true, its just hard to have a life of celibacy I think is his hold up, but he will realize that all will work out, I don't know how but it will....some how!!
Last night I was able to give a blessing to a member that has struggled with a addiction to porn, sometime in the last week or so fell back into bad habits. I was able to give him a blessing, there was a strong spirit there and the blessing was powerful. I don't remember what I said, but I do remember the feeling of that room and it was powerful. 
Also I was able to go to the temple  Wednesday after that we went to see Brother Anderson who on Thursday had his leg amputated so he is now one legged brother Anderson. hahaha but he's in good spirits and is doing well. We are teaching two excommunicated  members that we hope will choose  to be re-baptized in the up coming weeks! but one of them doesn't really want to come back yet but I hope some day. well I'm tired of writing you and miss you"

He also got to watch the Gilbert Temple Celebration and see the Gilbert Temple dedication. It is a beautiful temple.

Great week, he sounded so excited!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


On February 22 Elder Armatage was excited about the baptism. Sister Jessica had been investigating for a couple months and her husband was able to baptize her.

I will post some pictures when the blogging site lets me upload them. Right now it does not seem to work no matter what I have tried, but we hope Elder Armatage has had a great birthday today and we imagine he was fed well because the members are so good to them.

In fact we just received a picture from the family who fed him for dinner and they said he has had a good day. They enjoy him so much in their Ward and will be very sad when he has to leave.

We love our son!