Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Elder Armatage has been transferred to Snowflake! It is in the north part of his mission and the coldest. It can even snow there! Here is part of his email this week:

"Well I'm in Snowflake now and it's cold here. It's the same style of town of like Logan or Preston or Heber and even Montpelier. I feel like I'm in Idaho. There's only like 5000 persons up here and everyone knows everyone. But it will be fun I hope. It seems like there's a lot of work to do up here so I'm stoked about that. Thanksgiving I don't even know what going to happen but I know that we will get food! We are like in a house now with two other elder so it's kinda tight living, but all will be well. The house is nasty the elders have not cleaned it at all, and I will not stand for that so I'm going to clean a lot today and this week I'm starting to get sick.
     That's neat that Krista and David got a new family that moved in.  My new companion is a visa waiter, he is going to Brazil,  and he is from Calif,  18 years old.
      Yeah those two elders are not together anymore. The area got pinkwashed (whitewash is two new elder and pinkwashed is two new sisters) "

So Kevin predicted that Elder Kyle would be transferred to Snowflake in the winter. The highs this week are in the 50s and the lows at night are 30s. Sounds like our weather and it feels cold to him. It will be fun to hear how he grows to love the people there in this new town.
Snowflake Temple

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Excerpts from Elder Armatages email since my last blog:

Oct 28, 2013
"We had a Halloween block party we did a rope-in both, it was really fun! No we don't have anyone to teach....its been a rough few weeks but we will press on.  I'm ready for a change though, I've been here for 5.5 months and I'm kinda burnt out of this area but it is in the Lord's time though."

 Pictures from the block party - our son the cowboy!

Enjoying it I would say!

Nov 4, 2013
"Things are good but I'm just soooo busy all the time I have no time for anything. Any spare moment I have I'm studying or reading something. I need to take a break for 2 days and just get my self together!!!!!!!!! But we had a good week taught some lessons and stuff and it was great. The work is picking up it's so great. Being a DL isn't bad but we have 2 elders that fight like 12 year olds so that's a struggle but we are working thru it though. But yeah we had a sweet Halloween loved it got candy. The mission is the greatest thing I've ever done and I love it!"
Nov 11, 2013
"Thanks for the e mail and letters! How are things going? Things are good here we have a tree-O haha - 3 missionaries together because one missionary got ET so we have 3 until the 25th. This will be interesting but it will be good! Thanks for the pictures, how are the kids? Yeah things are calming down so I should be able to write you a few letters. But life is good a lot. A lot of blessings are happening, I love it. That's sweet you went to the temple I love the temple!"
Now we are all caught up! It is so wonderful to see how happy our son is sharing the gospel! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!