Monday, August 19, 2013


From Email:

"How are you doing? Sounds like Grandma is doing well and she is healthy that is great to hear! I wish I could have gone out to see her before I left but that's OK I will have to go see her when I get home! How's the ward doing? My bike is dark blue it is a Haro bike. Can you pick up a bag of fruit Frooties also the watermelon kind. The mission is great, tons of fun, love what I'm doing and love this gospel. I love to help people change and be able to watch them change is so great! Thanks for all you do and have done for me.  Love you all and miss you also, love Elder Armatage"

From Letters:

"We are only over one ward now and it is only like 2 miles long and .7 wide. Sorry it's taken me so long to write back, but it has been super nuts around here. I do like my new Mission President. He is great! TeeJay is home? That is nuts - tell him to write me! (hear that TeeJay?)  Dad could not live down here, have to be able to sweat or you cannot cool down."
"I am good, life is good. This last few weeks have been hard. I have been really home-sick, but today and Sunday have been really good. I felt fine again. They say at about 6 months you feel very homesick and then it just goes away. The Lord will bless me with strength. It has been raining, that is great."
"Sharing the gospel is a great gift to give people, it is such a blessing. You know you see the gospel in your life and what a great blessing it is, why not share it? We are teaching a lot now and they are all progressing, it is really neat to see the changes in people's lives. I wish we could do more service here."
Great baptism, she has no family support but feels the spirit strong.
 Elder Armatage said "Dewey is the man" He waited a year to be baptized! 

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  1. Sounds like he's doing well. I will get another letter off to him soon. Love that boy!