Monday, March 4, 2013

Email and a letter in one day - I am so happy!!
Elder Armatage said their days are full of studying and praying and studying more. They are praying to find someone to teach. They don't go out in the day because no one is home. But he feels like he is getting the "hang" of his mission and how to teach by the Holy Ghost. And he did say he is writing in his journal which is great!
He enjoyed his birthday, went to a Ward Game night and they sang Happy Birthday to him. He bought a bike from Elder Hills so now has that to get around but they must also have a car, too.
I had asked him about the snow that we heard about they had one day in Mesa and this is what he said: "they call it snow but it wasn't snow it was hail that stuck not snow". Funny! But this week it has been 65-70's so it is very nice. Sounds great!
He knows the Lord answers prayers. We are all praying that they will find a family to teach. They rely a lot on the members to give them names.
He loves getting letters, so would love to hear from you. The church is true!

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