Monday, June 16, 2014

June 2014

Excerpts from his letter and last emails:
Payson is sweet, it looks a lot like Yellowstone, lots of old people and cowboys up here. We do so much service up here, last week we did 4 or 6 of them of 25 hours. So we have been super tired.
On May 31st we had a Family History Fair, it was really great and there were more non-members than members there. We are in a trio right now, because one missionary went home early to get an early start on school. I can't believe summer is already here, to me it feels like just yesterday I was in Mesa and that was a year ago. I love my mission but it is hard to see that my friends are done with theirs and going home. But I am working thru it.
I got your package, thanks, the Reeses were all melted tho! That was a funny Father's day card wasn't it, hahaha cuz dads old hahahaha!
We went to the temple last week up to Snowflake it was great and tomorrow a member is receiving her endowments and I get to go! She was the lady we baptized in Fountain Hills!  So I'm really stoked about that! That's cool about Rachel getting her call, good for her, Austin gets home next Monday!!
Last P day we toured a mortuary!
 I love you so much and miss you all like crazy but I will see you again! 

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  1. We sure enjoy our Elder A! Thank you for sharing him!