Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Email from April 28, 2014

"WOW that's really cool that Elder Anderson spoke to the stakes in the area! I love him, his talks are some of my favorite. I love his attitude, there is nothing that can keep him down you know? Who is the next bishop?? This week we had a recall on all Chevy Cruz because 30% of them have a crack in the drive shaft. So we took it in and ours was cracked, so we have a rent-a-car the USS Chevy Impala. That thing is a boat! it a 2014 tho that's nice we will have it for about a month. The work is still slow here hard to work and want to work because it feels like nothing is going on but that is just really slowly. That's all for this week" When we asked if the members help with referrals and he said they are all stretched very thin. Makes it hard for the missionaries, but he says he is where he is supposed to be at this time. Love our son, so proud of him.

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