Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fire - from April 14, 2014 that got deleted somehow...

"So this morning was was interesting at 3:30 a.m Elder Gonser woke me up and said'' want to go on a walk with me''? but me thinking that it was 6 or 6:30 i said yeah sure. then i asked him what time it was he said it was 3:30 but i had already said yes so i had to go. But the reason we went on our walk is because he smelt smoke and heard the fire alarm going off. well the guy down stairs was cooking (who cooks at 3 in the am!!) he was frying chicken fell asleep and it was burning, we saw it was smokin pretty good so we ran to his door knocked he didn't get up. ran to his window he and was yelling at him. by this time the oil was on fire so I jumped the railing opened his back door and was trying to put it out. I grabbed what i thought was baking powder but i think it was baking soda so that didn't work. i ran out went up stairs to wake up elders Russell and Erickson. ran back down stairs as i ran down i saw the fire exsushinger at the bottom of them. i busted out the glass grabbed it ran back in side the guys apt. he had the fry pan and took it to the sink and turned on the water and it went up!! as it went up i sprayed the fire and the fire on the stove top. then the sprinklers went on! was this was all in a matter of like 15 min maybe less. we were both standing out on his porch i asked him if and pets or people were still in there? his dog was still in there and we went back in and got his dog, the smoke by this time was from ceiling to mid body high! so sucked in some smoke but not bad everyone is good and safe."

Wow, we are so thankful that Elder Gonser woke up and so glad they are all safe!!      

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